• The invoices are always issued “ON CREDIT” and their payment is considered as final only with a signed receipt from our company.
  • The payment of the invoices can be made at the customer’s choice in the following ways:
In cash, with the order of the equipment or with the approval of the offer at least 15 working days20%
In cash, with the order of the equipment or with the approval of the offer at least 7 working days15%
In cash, with the delivery (pick up) of the equipment10%
In cash, with the return of the equipment5%
By check or draft of 4 months after the delivery (pick up) of the equipment0%


  • The company has the right to differentiate the above offering discounts in case there is a delay on the agreed way of payment and depending on the total collaboration image of the customer.
  • The discount policy that our company follows is totally adjusted to our customers’ needs. Our associates must always know that beyond the agreed discount policy, they can always count on the further support of the company for any special case which may come up.
  • The lessee declares that the rented equipment is approved by him/her and is appropriate for the professional use for which it is taken. Checking the good operation and the perfect condition of theequipment, the transportation, the loading and unloading, its’ good use from specialized staff, theinstallation, the operation, following the security rules, the insurance etc., are under the lessee’s responsibility and expenses.
  • The lessee, from the moment he/she receives the equipment (based on the Brief Order Form, page -7-), and signs (himself or his representative*) the bulletin, he/she accepts unreservedly, the general rental terms, the prices of the present Pricelist Private Contract and the ways of charge, payment and co-operation.
  • The lessee is fully responsible for any damage, accident, act of God or loss of the equipment, no matter the reason (even if he/she can’t do otherwise) and is obliged to inform Makedon L.T.D. immediately.
  • The lessee is bound to insure at his own expenses the hired equipment for an amount which is equal to the invoices of the purchase of the equipment. (If the customer demands such information and claims limits, they are provided at the delivery). All kinds of danger (loss, fire, theft, damage) must be included in the insurance which must be made in an acknowledged insurance organization, at the name of our company “Makedon L.T.D.”. In case the insurance company does not cover for the equipment for any reason, due to defective or inadequate or incomplete or insufficient cover, then the compensation against any danger must be paid by the lessee, who is also responsible for any kind of positive or depositive damage (valued by an expert of mutual acceptance).

           * (Our company can insure the equipment with extra charge, if this is declared in writing at the delivery).

  • All of the disposables which concern the equipment’s function are charged on the lessee.

           *  (The “OFF” (burnt) lamps, the fuel – petrol, gas – and the disposables in general (oils, spahs, gels, e.t.c.), are charged as soon as the machinery is returned to MAKEDON L.T.D.).

  • The lessor has no responsibility for the suitability of the leasehold for any kind of damage or accident caused by the transportation or use of the equipment and he/she does not recognize any material or other demand from the lessee or any other third person.
  • Our company follows the previous rules as long as the confirmation of the acceptance of the general rental terms has been signed and sent from the lessee and an authorized technician or Transport Company has been assigned for each delivery.

Willing for every kind of co-operation,

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